Design your moments

New Collection 2018 | Il Periodo Blu (The Blue Period)

We’ve been pampering it until the very end and now the New Collection 2018 is ready for you.
We work on just one annual release: there are months of research, thought, poetry and colour behind these new items.

New Collection 2018: an evolution of styles and colour

We conceived our New Collection as a journey through colour. Several releases throughout the next months will lead us into the brightness, the warm tones of golden sunsets, the cold nuances of Tuscan gulfs, the dazzling whites, and the shine of lurex.

We are starting off while still in winter by imagining a Blue Period, as if we were painters who create following their inspiration, with the Sangallo whites chasing the lurex sky-blue and then reaching the rachel fabric blues.
The Sangallo and the Macramé lace, the denim cotton and the bright fringes play the leading role in this first release, together with the sky-blue and the light golden lurex. The rachel fabric shades into all the colours of our Tuscan sea, clear and bright like an early spring day.

The collection is new but our credo is still the same:

Wear your moment


Collection 2018: the Denim

The cotton in a delicate denim nuance meets the Macramé lace and the tulle.

Items with a double life enter the collection to surprise us. The maxi skirt has strings that turn it into a dress and the shirt has sheer side slits that wave along with the matching item, whether it’s a skirt or a pair of shorts.

PHO Firenze 2018 Collection Denim Lace Macramè
Collection 2018 | the Denim, tulle and Macramé lace Line


Foto Nuova Collezione 2018 PHO Firenze Pizzo Macramè
Collection 2018 | the Denim and Macramé lace Line

Collection 2018: the Sangallo lace

Snow-white clothes made of fine cotton are embellished with Sangallo lace and precious stones inserts. The sleeves are richly decorated and the flounces are voluminous.

Bright and ethereal, the clothes from Non Solo Bianco celebrate a workmanship appreciated all over the world. Once again, the Made in Italy stands out.


PHO Firenze 2018 Collection Sangallo lace picture
Collection 2018 | Non Solo Bianco Sangallo lace Line
PHO Firenze 2018 Collection Sangallo lace picture
Collection 2018 | Non Solo Bianco Sangallo lace Line

The video: tulle and Macramé lace

The Tuscan countryside embraces the creations from the Denim and the Non Solo Bianco lines. The squiggles of nature embrace the texture of our refined lace and the dresses wave into the nature as if they belonged to it.
In the video you can see the shirt and the skirt/dress from the Denim line in tulle and Macramé lace.