What is absolutely necessary in the #PHOwoman’s wardrobe this summer?
Whether you are at the seaside or in the city, here are 6 not-to-be-missed items.


1) Jumpsuit
The most loved garment of this year, a must-have in the #PHOwoman’s wardrobe.
Unique and special, our rachel fabric jumpsuit is perfect and full of surprises.
How to match it? With a poncho or a denim jacket.
Versatile, fashionable and comfy, it changes with the accessories: wedgies shoes for the day, high-heeled sandals for the night.

PHO Firenze | Orange rachel cotton mix knitted jumpsuit

2) Shorts
An absolute fashion diktat: shorts have won over all women.
White, colorful, cotton or jersey: the important thing is to have at least one pair.
Match it with a stole and a bag with suede inserts and you’ll be perfect for a date.

                                                                             PHO Firenze Blu fabric rachel cotton shorts

PHO Firenze Blue stole rachel with silver fringe
Cotton bag with suede inserts andblue rachel fabric

3) Sangallo lace dress
Essential garment for the #PHOwoman, the maxi Sangallo lace dress with flared sleeves and fringes on the sleeves and the hems.
Wear it with a pair of flat sandals and mix elegance, style and comfort.
Perfect to wear on these hot days.

PHO Firenze White Sangallo lace cotton dress

4) Floral dress
Flowers, flowers, flowers.
The off-the-shoulder floral-print maxi dress: a romantic and sensual mix.

PHO Firenze – Viscose dress with floral print and cotton trimming inserts5) Black dress
A black dress has always been considered an all-purpose garment, perfect if you want to be astonishingly elegant and sophisticated on a night out with your friends.
Here is the black lurex maxi dress with long flared sleeves and V-neck.
How to match it? With flat sandals and a mini clutch.

PHO Firenze Black long lurex patty dress

6) Shoulder bag with fringes
An accessory to light up your summer nights. Is there anything else to add? Your idea to live #PHOmoments.

PHO Firenze Orange rachel fabric bag with gold fringes